Backcountry Guarantee

A knife from Tindall Knives LLC has a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of the knife. Your knife will be fixed or replaced for free if it fails due to manufacturer defect. This warranty does not cover misuse and abuse. Misuse and abuse is defined as: 

  • Rusting

  • Throwing

  • Prying

  • Driving screws

  • Or anything at the fault of the user

Terms & Conditions

  • By ordering any of my products, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions.

  • By placing an order at Tindall Knives, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old or have parents' permission to buy from me.

  • All personal information you provide to me will not be used in anyway other than processing an order or contacting you.

  • All sales are final

  • By Commissioning a knife build you agree to pay in full upon order.

  • By commissioning a knife build you agree that tindall knives has up to 1 year to complete the build.

  • Time frames are quotes and actual times may vary. I will try my best to complete your knife as soon as possible.

  • Tindall Knives reserves the right to take up to one year to complete an order, only if necessary. 

  • Card information is transmitted over secure SSL encryption and is not stored.

  • No returns are accepted

  • Tindall Knives and Forrest Tindall are not liable for any harm done to yourself or others while using my products.

  • If materials have been purchased for a knife build, changing of original order is solely at the discretion Tindall Knives and is not guaranteed.



All knives made by Tindall Knives are handcrafted, nothing is CNC'd or water jetted. Every knife isn’t exactly the same as the one before it.. There may be minor imperfections on your handmade knife. Blemishes, nicks, wavy lines, tool markings, uneven grind Lines, handle marks, and sheath marks are only surface blemishes and will not affect the knifes performance. If an imperfection like one of these is present, it is not to be considered as a “manufacturer’s defect”.