Q: What steel do you use?

I have used many steels however I keep coming back to O1 tool steel and 1095. Both excellent high carbon steels

Q: Are they full tang?

In my eyes thats the only kind of knife there is.

Q: How should i care for my knife and sheath?

 You will need to oil your carbon steel knife regularly! If you use the knife for food preparation I suggest using a vegetable oil. Be sure to not store the knife in a wet sheath, it will rust!

The sheath will need to be treated a few times a year with leather conditioner. I suggest Obenaufs LP, its a natural beeswax based conditioner made in my home state of Idaho. If your sheath becomes overly wet let it air dry then condition it. Do not try to heat it, this will harden the leather.

Q: Where are they made?


Q: Do you take custom orders?

In Boise, Idaho USA. I use USA made steel, USA made pins, USA made epoxy, and mostly USA wood.


Yes I certainly do! My custom orders make up a large portion of my business!