The Owner

My name is Forrest Tindall, and I do all that is Tindall Knives. I am a photographer, shooter, fly fisher, backpacker, and all around outdoorsman.

Tindall Knives has been forged from a lifetime of backcountry pursuits. Growing up, I wandered the mountains of Idaho and the greater Western US, and have been camping since I was in diapers. Then, during my extended time of trail work in the Pacific Northwest, I spent years sleeping in tents, bathing in streams, and hiking mountains. I even cut part of the current Pacific Crest Trail in Washington, a knife always on my hip.

Spending countless weeks in the backcountry, far removed from civilization, has taught me the importance of quality goods, tools on which one can depend. 

My years spent using knives while living that lifestyle has cultivated, by necessity, my obsession with having the highest quality knives possible. I was never 100% satisfied with the knives I had while living in the wilderness those years, and could never afford the high-end knives I wanted. My solution in 2010 was to begin making my own knives to ensure the highest standard of quality and to ensure that my tools of choice could do exactly what I needed them to do. Soon, others began to notice the knives I'd created and wanted what I had crafted. Tindall Knives was officially born on November 5th, 2013. Since then, I've made it my business to create only the finest handcrafted knives for the backcountry, because when you're there, there's only space for the tools you can trust.

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